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California aquaculture provides a variety of fresh, locally produced abalone, black bass, catfish, cavier, clams, oysters, striped bass, sturgeon and tilipia. Fish is an excellent source of omega 3 fatty acid.

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California aquaculture produces an high quality fish product while meeting strict environmental regulations. Over fishing, pollution and habitat destruction have severely limited seafood populations world wide and experts believe the current level of fishing  may not be sustainable beyond the year 2040.

In the 21st century, aquaculture will be a major new agricultural growth industry. Global demand for seafood is expected to grow 70% in the next 35 years, and fish farms are likely  to meet that demand.

Where Is Aquaculture Found? In California | US | The World

In California

Riverside, Imperial, Marin, Tehama and Merced

In the United States

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In the World

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