Farmers Care

California farms provide productive open landscape.  Farmers care for land, livestock, water and wildlife.  United States farms are diverse ranging from small residential farms to large scale operations.  Most U.S. Farms - 98 percent in 2007 - are family farms. Even the largest farms tend to be family farms. (

Today, there are about 2 million farms providing goods for more than 300 million people in the United States and beyond.  Explore the State of Our Land! America's Private Land, A Geography of Hope tells the story of America's private, nonurban land. Private land is America's working land. It produces food and fiber, and much, much more: It also produces clean water, clean air, wildlife habitat, healthy and productive soil, and scenic landscapes. But this story is more than a national report card on the state of our Nation's natural resources; it will help the reader learn to think about land (soil, water, air, plants, and animals) in a different way. A Geography of Hope is a call to action, a call to renew our national commitment to America's private land and private landowners.  (
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