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Grants to Fund Dairy Related Field Trips

Thanks to a generous grant from the California Milk Advisory Board, we are pleased to offer $4 per student towards the cost of transportation and/or the entrance fee for a dairy focused field trip where students will spend the majority of the field trip learning about dairy farms and/or dairy processing.

Guidelines: Instructions:

Grants will be awarded on a first come, first served basis until the grant funds have been used.

Only public schools or private schools with non-profit tax ID numbers are eligible.

*Farmology has partnered with Merced First 5 to offer this opportunity to pre-K classes in Merced County.

Only one grant will be made per school.

One teacher may apply for an entire grade level/group participating in the field trip.

To be eligible, each classroom must complete one of the following FREE dairy related education programs. 

You must submit 2-3 pictures of completed assignments and/or students and their work with your application.

Click here to download the Grants application. Grant applications are only accepted via email: fieldtripgrants@farmology.com

After your field trip, we urge you to send photos and/or letters for reporting purposes to fieldtripgrants@farmology.com

Children's Activity Book for Restaurants & Schools

Learn how farms provide your food, fiber, flowers, forests, fuels and pharmaceuticals.

New Restaurant Booklets! Order free booklets available to all restaurants. Young patrons can learn about the farms that produce their delicious foods.

Student Booklet. The free restaurant booklet is also available to teachers, school staff and homeschool families introducing farming. Contact Us to Order!



Farmology Traveling Exhibit

Overview of Farmology Exhibit

Imagine interactive, exciting exhibits where YOU can learn about FARMING!  Farmology will soon be a traveling exhibit available to musuems, fairs and exhibition centers.  Learn how you can contribute to getting this exhibit program traveling to Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco. Printable brochure about the Farmology Traveling Exhibit.

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